Saturday, March 10, 2012

Intro to Campaign World

            So the current adventure I am DM’ing is my own world with a lot of the Eberron flavor.  This is mostly because I like the feel of the campaign setting, but none of the desire to adhere to the exact elements of the world as designed by Wizards, you know rules lawyers and such.  So I have the flying airships and the levitating trains, but none of those cockamamie guilds in control of them, mostly because they are in the service of the military.  On that note it is poignant to mention that I have borrowed the whole “good” races vs. “evil” races theme from beloved fantasies such as World of Warcraft and Tolkien’s Middle-earth.  I took the main continent and split in down the middle with a mountain range and then put Good on one side and Evil on the other. 
Anyways that is more than enough background for the world.  The main campaign revolves around the characters aiding a guild of benevolent magic users and adventurers in stopping the forces of evil, not the “evil” races, from stealing the cores of elemental power from the prime material plane.  So they succeeded in rescuing the Core of Air from the northern temple as it was being corrupted by an undead army led by their evil cleric overlord.  It was then that they found out the plot to obtain these cores is far more vast than they originally thought, but isn’t it always.  Needless to say they discovered that there are agents of chaos also searching to acquire these cores, and by chaos I mean some H.P. Lovecraft chaos.  So now they are headed to the Fire Temple in order to stop the minions of some ancient un-named Monster deity from being brought into their realm…umm maybe they don’t know that much.  But as all PC’s know they ultimately adventure because if they don’t bad stuff happens in my make believe world…muwahahaha!  So after being teleported straight from the first adventure into the burning ruins of the observation camp they were start off to the Fire Temple we took a long break mainly due to scheduling conflicts and me having to go to Marine Officer Candidate School.  Summer done and school back in session meant game on.  We pick up with that encounter.  I promise you it was not up to the level I expected from the creature I chose.  For the next post the …Gibbering Mouther.

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