Friday, March 2, 2012

Beholder #1

                Blogging!? Whoa! I am no stranger to Dungeons and Dragons, but, I am no blogger.  Well unless you count this as blogging, and then yes I guess I am… for now.  As you can guess I am not blog savvy, but having played D&D for about twenty years now, and I feel quite comfortable with it.  So maybe, just maybe I may end up pulling this off, but my bets are this is going to have a learning curve. 
            So I guess an introduction of sorts is in order.  While I have played D&D in all of its incarnations; yes, Red Box classic where you can play Halfings, Dwarves, and Elves as character classes, all the way to the current incarnation of 4th ed.  While I prefer 3.5 I hold no qualms about playing any versions of the game as I was raised with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and have been trying to get to the Encounters events that Wizards has started. 
D&D is at its core a social game, and has always been that in my experience.  I drank the game in as my father spun worlds before me at our dining room table, later I experimented with the game in a crowded garage through all night gaming binges, and now I keep the good times (and adventures) alive by using an online tabletop.  So from here we share some ideas, experiences, and stories.  I hope you enjoy and join the conversation along the way.    

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