Friday, April 20, 2012

Rational and more...

So for this week I decided I would kind of flesh out the one-page dungeon idea of mine and then also add some other odds and ends to the mish-mash.

So the idea for the dungeon started with a goblin being made into a half-fiend by this immortal blood of a demon or some other immortal being.  I then toyed around with that but really didn't like the fit and flavor so I looked at some old school D&D books and found some demon lords and was able to put together the idea of Yeenoghu and the gnolls.  The idea sort of built itself, and from there I constructed the idea of the dungeon.  Having always liked the elegance of hiding things in plain sight I decided that the Ichor of Vercingetorix would be hidden in this sewer system that had these additions to accommodate the cultists that were originally in charge of it.  And then as time passes the original denizens die off and make a way for the accidental discovery and freeing of this powerful relic.

In my version the ichor could be something that is destroyable only by another immortal being, or could be reunited with the other pieces.  I have already started thinking about what other pieces there would be, and have thought of brain and heart.  The heart is possessed and possessing a young adult black dragon, and he is starting to build a small underground empire until he can find the other pieces.  The brain is lost at the time being and was last known to have been owned by a beholder named Uuniranqa, who is infamously known for his almost successful attempt to take over the known world.  So in their is an undeveloped but semi-detailed campaign arc. I may pursue it inside my present campaign, but who knows.

So in other things I; I play tested the dungeon to make some final tweaks with my play group.  Lets say that at this point they are not yet through the dungeon but progress has been made.  Due to the level of the PCs I had to make adjustments and it has had some interesting consequences.  First of note stirges are pretty awesome for their CR.  I can see how at low level a party of 4-5 can handle 2 stirges pretty easily, but when you throw 9-10 of them at a party of 7-8th level they get fun you almost guarantee that Con scores are dropping.  So after a less that awesome battle (the Wizard is a summoner, with evocation barred) they go out to rest for like a week and they are randomly found by some (2) ogres which should be no problem for these guys.  Low and behold the wizard hops on the flying carpet and taunts them so the other PCs can get the jump on them.  The ogres then plant a spear in his chest and he stabilizes at negative hp and seriously reduced constitution.  Long story short they lie (tell their version of the truth) to a Treant, and are welcomed by a druids grove as champions of the forest.  They are then nursed to health and sent on their way back into the dungeon.  Much bottle-necking occurred and they have had a fairly standard go of it from there.

Thought for the masses, I have been thinking of running a D&D campaign with a pirate/sea faring theme.  Any ideas on supplements to reference.  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

One-Page Dungeon Entry

So due to Ab8wn I decided to make a submission for the one-page dungeon contest this year, check it out and feel free to let me know what you think.  The Ichor of Vercingetorix